10 destinations where you can dive

10 destinations where you can dive

If you are a big fan of diving, sure you really like to get to grips with the natural world, and revel in the ability of the sea to disconnect from the outside world. And to find the best diving spot according to your desires, follow this guide to the end.

The podium or top 3

1. The Blue Hole, Belize: Belize is one of the best destinations in 2018, and is increasingly known for its beautiful diving spots, if you want to find yourself in a paradise. In addition, it is known for having the second most impressive reef in the world!

2. Bocas del Toro, Panama: The archipelago of Panama is favorable to diving year-round, but especially during the dry season, that is to say from February to April and from September to December. With its warm clear waters, hundreds of fish species and coral reef, many travelers come to Panama to explore the seabed.

3. Makarska, Croatia: The islands in Croatia have always been a dream destination, but it must be said that this is particularly the right place to go for snorkeling or scuba diving. Since the water is clear and the beaches are endless, diving is just auspicious there!

Honorable mentions

4- Similan Islands, Thailand: The Similan Islands are probably one of the best places to go diving in Thailand. Its great marine life, its coral reef and its breathtaking landscapes definitely appeal to us to book a flight right away. Several islands around are also uninhabited, which makes the place even more magical.

5- The Great Barrier Reef off Queensland, Australia: Australia is unsurprisingly a place to put on the list for scuba diving. Since it is also the largest barrier reef in the world, it is without a shadow of a doubt a must for the big scuba diving fans!

6- Roatan, Honduras: The islands on the Mesoamerican coral reef are gorgeous and worldly famous for diving! This is an ideal destination for beginners, as dive sites are often easily accessible.

7- Coco Island, Costa Rica: Costa Rica is a little paradise for divers and surfers from all over the world. It is one of the most beautiful isolated islands ever, according to those who have seen them. Diving cruises are highly recommended and nobody ever regretted going there!

8- Malta Island: The caves and rock formations of the island of Malta will fascinate the greatest fans of scuba diving! In addition, Valletta has been appointed European Capital of Culture in 2018, so it is really worth visiting!

9- Les Esmoumins, Canada: Being recognized as the city par excellence in Quebec and even in Canada for a unique diving experience, if you cannot go to the other side of the ocean, it's your best alternative!

10- Sal, Cape Verde: Recognized as a destination of choice in the Atlantic Ocean, the volcanic islands of the archipelago of Cape Verde are breathtaking. The dive sites are sculpted by volcanic eruptions that happened in the past and are therefore comparable to any other place you have ever visited.

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