09.12 2018
How to respect the seabed when diving

How to respect the seabed when diving

Diving is one of the most important things that you should try in life. It allows to experience the underwater life and gives you the chance to explore amazing creatures that many people can't see.

However, people should pay attention to the environment while diving. It may bring in damage to the nature if divers don't mind their manners. This article will teach you more about how to respect the seabed when diving.

Don't destroy the nature

While diving, many people tend to touch the underwater plants or animals for entertainment. This is not a good behavior when you are at the bottom of the ocean. Make sure you don't harass anything. 

  • Don't grasp animals 
  • Don't harass plants 
  • Don't hold animals firmly for photo opportunity 
  • Don't go for rides on big animals like turtles or dolphins

Be careful about where you land or put your feet

Many divers don't even realize the damage that may happen when they don't mind their manner. There are many unbelievable living beings that may lie down on the bottom of the ocean. So if you have to land for photo shooting or for observing something, make sure you don't kill or damage anything. 

  • Look around before sitting 
  • Put your feet on a clear sandy bottom. This is to avoid from landing on coral or other sensitive plant and animal life.

Don't pick up coral

Coral takes a very long time to be formed, and it may lead to its total destruction if you break a small piece of it. That is to say that divers need much precaution on coral. 

  • Don't break coral, a harassed piece of coral may take many years to regrow. 
  • Don't pick up a dead piece of coral. It is part of the undersea nature. 
  • Don't grab it firmly. You may destroy it.

Collect wastes on the seabed

It would be one of the best ways to clean the sea if those hundreds of divers do the same. The sea is polluted by many reasons like shipwrecks and trash from the land surface. It is then as polluted as what we see on earth land.

To help rebuild the beauty of the underwater world, you have to be responsible. If you find something harmful to the seabed or trash while diving, pick it up and take it out of the sea. Anything else should be left to keep from destroying the sea environment. They may serve as a shelter or useful thing for the ecosystem.

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