19.12 2018
The rarest and most beautiful exotic fishes

The rarest and most beautiful exotic fishes

Exploring submarine life is one of the most beautiful experiences that everyone should have tried. Between the sea areas, a symphony of colors and submarine species will cast a spell on those who see them for the first time.

Nevertheless, fish species are exceptional because some of them can live in the fresh waters as well as in seawater. They are as beautiful and some of them are very rare.

Exotic fish of all colors and types

Who said that fish is just for food? Of course, they can be very delicious for our lunch or dinner but they are also to be admired and can be domesticated if they are used to living in freshwater. Some fish species are exotic and beautiful. Here are the rarest and most beautiful of them. 

  • Parrot fish: They have a massive body, slightly compressed laterally and covered with big scales. Their size oscillates between less than 20 cm to 130 cm, for an average size of 30 to 40 cm. They swim all with their pectoral fins and eat coral. Parrot fish change sex during the adult phase (females will become males). 
  • Freshwater stingray: Living in the Amazon River, it's the only rays living in freshwater unlike other ones in saltwater (seas and oceans). Dangerous species because of their stings, you have to watch out not to touch or hurt them. 
  • Clownfish: Nemo's fans know that it's one of the most beautiful fish in the world. It could be yellow, orange, reddish or even blackish with white bars. Belonging to the Pomencetridae family, clownfish can reach up to 18 centimeters long. 
  • Discus: Belonging to the cichlids families, it has a flat shape, compressed laterally. Its appearance is more rounded off and in the disk, which is worth the noun of the discus. The great thing about discus is when they are domesticated, they can recognize their owner and greet them when they come closer. 
  • Arowana: Called the dragonfish, it's one of the most expensive fish that exist. They are large and if they are domesticated, the owner should have a large tank or aquarium. The dragonfish is well-known to bring abundance, wealth and prosperity to its owner. That's why most people want to have it. 
  • Electric blue Lobster: It's a blue crayfish. It can live up to 5 years and they are omnivorous and should be placed in a separate aquarium. Adventurers, they like climbing therefore, it's advised to put something to allow them to climb 
  • Flowerhorn: A carnivore fish, it's a kind of fish that should be in the aquarium just for itself. They have combinations of color like red, pink, yellow, blue even oranges with dark spots which look like flowers.

More than exploration

These extraordinary types of fish only exist in some areas. Most of them are found in the Pacific-Antarctic Ocean, and some in freshwater. It should be noticed that it is not easy to discover these kinds of fish and sometimes hard to find. 

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